Flat Panel Monitor Arms

Some of our most popular workstation accessories,  flat panel monitor arms feature effortless adjustment, extreme stability and sleek looks. All of our flat panel monitor arms allow you to get the most out of your flat panel monitor investment. They provide almost effortless adjustment and create significant space savings. In addition, an adjustable monitor arm allows the flat panel monitor to be moved out of the way to create extra desk space for non-computer-related work.


  • Multi-monitor arm configurations.
  • Surface and slatwall mounting methods.
  • Our new M2 series uses an innovative mechanical spring in an ultra-light thin design.
  • Our new M8 series accommodate the widest range of flat panel monitors available today - Any monitor up to 42 pounds


We are introducing our new series of flat panel monitor arm mounts with leading edge sleek design, better user functionality and new trendy color options: polished aluminum frame finish with accent trim available in white or black.


All of our console lines feature standard options to mount flat panel monitors to your preference in screen density, user interface, and location within the furniture system. Our technical furniture take into considerations best methods for cabling, secure mounting and ease of service.

Workstation Accessories

Our range of console workstation accessories enables you to finish off your technical workstation design, we offer a host of workstation accessories to address keyboard storage, personal lighting and comfortable seating for mission critical work. Select from retractable keyboard arms, energy efficient LED lighting and 24/7 intensive use chairs.


  • Optional keyboard arms that mount to worksurfaces with height and tilt adjustments.
  • Sleek LED lights that can be mounted to surfaces or our slatwalls.
  • Our seating is ideal for dispatch, call-taking and control rooms and other 24/7 mission critical settings. We partner with Neutral Posture to ensure maximum safety and comfort in technical office environments.
Keyboard Arms

Optional keyboard arm mounts attach to our worksurfaces to provide user defined comfort for height and angle. Arms fully retract beneath desktops when not in use. Some models can be used for standing use.

Workstation Lighting

Our LED personal task lights are ideal for the active office with multiple mounting options: freestanding, surface, or slatwall. The compact and articulating design provides targeted lighting and neat integration with our technical furniture systems.

Workstation Seating

Our chairs focus on the unique demands of 24/7 use that standard office chairs aren’t designed to withstand. Designed based on over forty years of human factor studies, we strive to ergonomically sit the 3% female to the 97% male. Through our partner Neutral Posture, we serve the needs of industrial, medical and other high-performance technical environments.

Personal Environment System

Microenvironments console management systems are attached to a personal worksurface and combine environmental control, light control, and lift functions inside a single unit. The desktop management system features a non-fixed controller, allowing users the flexibility to position the controller anywhere on their desk.

Standard features:

Adjustable louvers allow air to be direct at the user

Forced air heating - variable output

Non-fixed controller for user-placement convenience

Variable speed cooling fan

Integrated leg-lift control

Task light dimming

Optional motion sensor that shuts down fan, heater, and task lighting after 10 minutes of inactivity