Virtual Containment with Quantum Air Tile

Virtual Containment is a revolutionary application of creating a cost-effective cold aisle by integrating our Quantum Air louvered tile and its benefits of directional airflow to duplicate the benefits of containment without necessarily having to use traditional plastic curtains and/or doors for cold aisles. This is achieved by strategically placing the high performance air tile in place of standard airflow tiles in floor orientations that create this unique affect.


Virtual containment is achieved by installing two Quantum Air Tiles at the end of each equipment row (cold aisle) with airflow pointing down the rows instead of conventional means of directing air to racks. Additional Quantum Tiles are installed in the middle facing opposite of each other and pointing back down the rows toward the aisle as well. Standing outside the equipment row you feel no airflow but once you step into the aisle, you feel the rush of cold air and the creation of a virtual door on the ends of the row.


The Quantum Air™ Tile from e-Systems Group has been designed to improve the airflow delivery to IT equipment in the data center environment. By improving the way airflow is delivered it keeps IT equipment cooler, often extending its life, and can lead to energy cooling cost savings through being able to raise CRAC unit set points.


The Quantum Air Tile is available in a standard U.S. floor tile size with an anodized finish, with each Quantum Air Tile able to supply airflow to up to two standard enclosures, so providing a cost effective solution.


The Quantum Air Tile offers vented and directional controls that are designed to route the conditioned cold air supply to the targeted enclosures without the dependency of integrated equipment fans or cabinet fan systems to draw the airflow into the rack.


The passive solution provided by the Quantum Air Tile gives exceptional thermal results that are superior to the test results found with conventional perforated floor tiles.


Download the white paper here.

Features & Design

We help you design the placement and quantity of Quantum Air Tiles you need

Quantum Air Tile retrofits to most standard floor systems

Minimize or eliminate the need for a costly containment system requiring roof panels, doors or door strips

Ideal for hotspots or high-density racks

Overcome local fire codes that may not permit full containment systems

Developed to change the conventional perforated tile delivery system of air from a straigh-up ‘plume’ type to directing the air to the face of a server/equipment racks

Tile Dimensions: 24” x 24”

Shipping Weight: 32 lbs.

Construction: Extruded aluminum with anodized clear finish


Cost effective and easy to design and install

Eliminate or minimize the cost and complexity of traditional containment products

Reduce CRAH operating cost

The Quantum Air Tile directs over 90% of the produced airflow to the face of equipment racks.

The Quantum Air Tile produces a constant passive result bringing energy costs down and server cooling up.

How to Order

Contact Us to help you design and specify the right Virtual Containment solution based on your rack density, cooling scenario and row architecture

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