• Open Desk Design
    Standard units available in rows as well as back-to-back and corner configurations Learn More
  • Sit-Stand Capability
    Motorized sit-stand travel for worksurfaces, which are mounted directly within the frame structure Learn More
  • Technical Integration
    Flat panel monitor arms as well as cabling and power equipment are flawlessly embedded Learn More

The Metrics technical furniture system was designed for applications that require an open desk design with the ability to still integrate multiple flat panels and hardware. Its 20” steel structure easily accommodate multiple processors and cabling with an integrated wire trough mounted at the back of the benching console.


Metrics technical furniture can also be configured with an integrated aluminum T-rail to permit flat screen mounting and workstation accessories. Metrics technical workstations offer some of our newest power and data components with the availability of convenience power outlets and data ports embedded flush to the desktop for clean lines.


The Metrics technical furniture system can also be specified with sit-stand adjustment of its primary surface to meet requirements for ergonomic standards.

Technology Integration

The Metrics technical furniture system is available with options for a fixed height or electronically adjustable worksurface for single-sided and back-to-back configurations.

Optional low-rise slatwall for monitor arm mounts includes a vented top cap.

Integrated hi-capacity cable management wire trough.

Removable ‘infill covers’ with brush strips (solid or vented covers) routes cabling directly into cable basket.

Removable, locking service panels (front and back of unit).

Features & Design

Metrics technical furniture system can be designed as standard desk with an optional slatwall or integrated desktop T-rail for monitor and accessory mounting. Simple design with ultimate functionality.

Height Adjustability

Metrics technical furniture has height adjustability options that includes motorized sit-to-stand travel for worksurfaces with electric lifts that mount directly within the frame structure.

Workstation Options

The Metrics technical furniture system has a flexible design that can be laid out in single rows or configured as back-to-back units. Corner units are also available.