e-Systems Group is a leading data center provider of technical products such as power strips (PDUs), monitoring equipment, and DCiM systems. Our PDUs are tailored to meet each client's needs and provide unbeatable performance in the data center. Our industry leading monitoring and cooling solutions increase data center efficiencies and make going green easier than ever before.


PDUs are part of our technical products offerings, and include:


  • Basic power distribution.
  • Monitored strips.
  • Switched + non-switched.
  • Metered power, inline and other.
  • Low profile breakers.
  • Hot swappable.
  • Smart/Switch.
  • Integrated monitoring + management.


Our technology experts are in-house personnel who help you to design and chose the right PDU solution to integrate with your existing and new enclosures, consoles, or other equipment. We work with industry-leading suppliers of critical power in rack-level PDUs along with on-line 1 and 3 phase double conversion UPS.


Our UPS product line offers:


  • On-line 1 and 3 phase, double conversion UPS.
  • Up to 98% efficient.
  • Rack/Tower universal design.
  • Nationwide service program.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Fully customizable solutions available.
  • Communicate via SNMP/Web/Network adapter.


Along with our power expertise, we provide technical support to help specify analog and digital KVM appliances to complete your requirements for enterprise class KVM-over-IP switches to provide access and control of your servers over LAN, WAN and internet connections.


Our KVM technical products provide excellent server management:


  • Award winning enterprise class KVM-over-IP switches.
  • Secure BIOS-level access and control of your servers over LAN, WAN and internet connections.
  • Provides access and control to a specified number of multiplatform servers and serial based devices.