Movin’ On Up: Tall Data Centers


A land shortage in Singapore is prompting data center designers to get creative as the sprawling DC campuses in rural areas found in many other parts of the world just won’t work there.


Backed by a government initiative seeking to preserve the island’s status as a “data center hub,” Singapore will be investing in multi-story data centers. Their high-rise, multi-level data center will be the first of its kind.


At more than 20 stories in height, the land will be relatively inexpensive to maintain in a region where industrial land costs just under $1,000 per square meter.


e-Systems Group’s Space-Saving Designs


From Singapore to stateside, e-Systems Group offers space-saving racks and data center equipment that will optimize space and efficiently utilize DC real estate.


Whether private or colocation, e-Systems Group designs server cabinets to fit the desired space with a number of standard options available as well as advanced metal-working capabilities to custom construct MDF/IDF enclosures at any size necessary.


Headquartered in Conklin, NY with offices in Denver and representation throughout the US, along with its affiliate in the United Kingdom, e-Systems has a package to meet the most challenging requirements with high-quality products and services that are consistently delivered on-time meeting all customer specifications.


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