Imaging Desks

Robust Imaging Desks come fully outfitted to create a comfortable and effective workstation for technicians and radiologists. Ordering is simple-select the overall size you need to fit your room and technology application. Tables come complete with keyboard platform, CPU holder, monitor mounts and cable management devices. This table fits in small spaces but will accommodate a lot of hardware.


Sit or Stand with Ease


Simply push a button to raise or lower the worksurface to a desired seated or standing position. Motorized lifts are quiet, energy-efficient and adjust to your ideal working height. Your table surface travels up to 38mm per second from its lowest position of 24” up to 50” for stand-up work. Three preset memory settings are included with the control panel which mounts underneath the desktop.


Engineering Details


This 48” wide diagnostic workstation can accommodate up to three monitors and one CPU holder. Your diagnostic workstation includes a lateral cable tray and moveable cable carriers that are flexible chains that adjust with changes in table height. Push in and pull out cables through the flexible opening along the length of cable carriers. Cable carriers organize and protect the connections of important radiology hardware and equipment.


A Place For Everything


Pull out the retractable keyboard platform to comfortably position your input devices. A retractable CPU holder mounts your hardware. Monitor arms securely mount and display your screens. Plug in the electric lift mechanism and you are ready to go!