Happy Outage Season


Did you know June to August is affectionately referred to as “Outage Season” in the data center world?


According to various reports, major DC facilities fall off the grid during these three months more often than any other time of the year. The cause of outages varies, but it’s most often heat strain on poorly cleaned and maintained machines and other equipment.


Experts indicate that without quarterly health checks of DC hardware, equipment may not be operating at peak capacity in the winter and spring.  Without proper cleaning, summer could grill your facility.


Not ready to celebrate Outage Season?


To optimize efficiency, reduce downtime, and lower energy use, regular visits from Critical Facilities Solutions should be a part of your data center’s best practices. The CFS team has performed over 5,000 engagements in its more than 20 years in the data center cleaning and support business. Its highly trained, experienced, and tenured staff brings the highest level of professionalism to every job and understands both the critical importance and security needs of the data center. With specialized teams across the country, CFS is the only national firm with the consistency and capability to understand the complexity and sensitivity of maintaining and improving the performance of all your data center locations.


Services offered range from: data center cleaning, decontamination, zinc whisker remediation, sub floor sealing, IT equipment & furniture installations, flooring replacement and new installations, CFD analysis and environmental monitoring with recommendations, asset auditing, and much more. Featured products include blanking panels, directional air tiles, brush grommets, and other containment innovations that are guaranteed to improve data center cooling efficiency.  With over 20 years of service, Critical Facilities Solutions has an experienced, tenured field team. They are specifically trained to analyze and manage the specific complexity and sensitivity of maintaining and improving the performance of an IT environment.


Don’t break a sweat. Call Critical Facilities Solutions.


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