Electronic Access Control

Our latest generation of electronic access control security solutions are now available for our Platinum 2.0 series of enclosures. Featuring modular door options, we extend standard locking swinghandles to sophisticated IP based electronic access control. The proprietary biometric technology provides centralized administration, real-time monitoring, real-time alerts, and indisputable audit trails.


Physical access control is mission critical for military, government, educational, healthcare and industrial environments where data privacy rules and regulations must be followed-PCI, DSS, HIPAA, FISMA and more.


Our electronic access control solutions are for both new racks and as a retrofit for existing cabinets, a typical installation takes less than an hour.



Technology Details

Various access control options including keyed lock, RFID, HID card, fingerprint ready and keypad.

Specify with your new P2 Racks from our factory for easy connectivity at your facility.

Electronic access mode field upgradeable without changing out original service door (P2 Enclosure series).

Easy integration with standard BMS security systems.

Minimal power consumption.

Features & Design

Select from two system architectures: 1. ‘Zero –U’ for smaller installations with each cabinet with its own controller and biometric order.

2. Select ‘Bus’ for a central controller which distributes control signals and powers up to 31 cabinets when authenticating at the end of a row.


100% secure access for enclosures.

Flexibility to choose between fingerprint or RFID card access. Centralized administration of up to thousands of units.

As-needed cabinet access deters data/equipment theft

How to Configure

Our most popular configuration is our Bus End-of-Row, which permits multiple racks in a row controlled by a single reader.

A sophisticated bus architecture distributes fail-safe signals and electrical power from a single controller up to 64 cabinet door locks.