Data Center Horror Story: What’s Lurking Behind Your Rack Door?


What spooky monstrosities are hiding inside of your racks? Likely no ghouls or goblins, but the reality is still scary…


Over 60% of high inlet temperatures are caused by conditions inside the rack – a major detriment to cooling efficiency and proper airflow utilization within the data center.


The ideal rack temperature is below 27 degrees Celsius or 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit. While most equipment is rated up to 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit, approximately 10% of racks surveyed exceed even that.


The higher the temperature within a rack, the higher the fan speeds needed to maintain performance. Couple that with increased power usage, wear on equipment, and noise, and it’s enough to make any DC manager scream.


Have No Fear

Rack level airflow management is the key to preventing the gruesome end of data center downtime.


Quantum Air Tile

Available in a standard U.S. floor tile size with an anodized finish, a single Quantum Air Tile™ can service up to two standard enclosures for a cost-effective cooling solution. Quantum offers vented and directional vane controls that are designed to route conditioned cool air supply to targeted enclosures without the dependency of integrated tile fans or cabinet fan systems to draw air into the cabinets. This passive solution gives exceptional thermal results that are superior to conventional perforated floor tiles.


EZIBLANK Blanking Panels

EZIBLANK is a well-received, innovative data center product that is made of the highest quality of flame-retardant ABS plastic. Molded with precisely engineered clips, they can be installed easily onto square mounting holes of any compliant 19” server rack to prevent recirculation of hot exhaust air within server racks.


Custom Airflow Solutions

We offer numerous customized containment and airflow solutions, tailored to your server closet, cloud facility, colocation environment and more.


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