In-Row Cooling

In-Row Cooling is our latest thermal management system and is an advanced precision A/C unit, which is tailor made for the targeted cooling of racks. The innovative air conduction has been enhanced by state-of-the-art technology, which enhances the performance, flexibility and efficiency. Fluctuating server rack loads, space restrictions, lack of a raised floor, existing server technology - these are some of the tricky situations in everyday practice that the in-row cooling has been specially developed to deal with.


Our in-row cooling is a standalone A/C unit and is installed and operated independently from the rack. This complete separation of the rack and the A/C unit increases reliability and provides greater freedom for designing the layout in the data center.


Our rack cooling systems are suitable for hot-aisle and cold-aisle captures in open and contained spaces.

Technology Details

Available with 3 sizes and 4 different cooling systems:

CW-System (chilled water cooling).

A-System (direct expansion).

G-System (direct expansion and plate condenser).

GES-System (direct expansion with indirect free cooling).

Features & Design

In-row cooling can be installed on raised and non-raised floors.

Suitable for new and existing data centers; easy to add in-row cooling units as your grow.

In-row cooling can be used in containment, open architecture and hot spot reduction applications.


Widest range of in-row cooling units with the largest cooling capacity in the industry.

EC Fans provide adjustable air volume based on real time cooling requirements with the lowest energy consumption.

Various fan control options allowing optimized air distribution.

How to Configure

Consult with us to design your modular in-row cooling system. We can provide ROI analysis, customization, professional installation services, and commission planning.