Data Center Cleaning

Our Critical Facilities Solutions (CFS) division has been offering innovative and progressive IT infrastructure products and service solutions, as well as data center cleaning services, to companies large and small for over 20 years. CFS is your source for the latest solutions for network operations centers (NOC’s), data centers, computer labs, classrooms, trading rooms, 911 centers, and secured government facilities.


Studies have shown that around 75% of storage and hardware failures are caused by environmental factors which ultimately results in lost revenue. High availability data center facilities require cleaning and contaminate removal with no downtime.  Utilizing an experienced, highly technical team to maintain a clean and efficient data center facility is an often overlooked but crucial piece of the maintenance puzzle.


We specialize in data center cleaning and provide expertise in the following areas:

Floor Surface Cleaning

Equipment Cleaning

Sub-floor and Above Ceiling Cleaning

Post-Construction Cleanup

Disaster Recovery

Sub-Floor Sealing

Zinc Whisker Remediation


Customer Reviews

"The room looks like a million bucks!!! The team did a fabulous job working together and making sure everything went smooth."

"Every aspect of the cleaning experience was exceptional. These cleaners make the annual cleaning of our data center a pleasant experience that reduces the stress of the entire event. There is nothing else to be said other than they deserve the highest marks."

"On schedule, very professional. Dan Whitney did an excellent job of directing the DataSpan staff!"

"Everything went great - Telecom Room looks great!"

"Exceptional cleaning - always a pleasure working with this group."

Features & Design

Experienced team of personnel trained to analyze and manage the complexity of data center rooms and other mission critical environments.

Specialized cleaning practices, equipment and cleaning compounds including UPLA-filtered vacuums and specialized cleaning chemicals that are pH neutral and static-dissipative.


Improve the static dissipation and integrity of access flooring.

Lower cooling costs by reducing air density and improving general air quality.

Prolong the lifetime of hardware and equipment by maintaining optimal operating performance.

Improve the appearance, safety and professionalism of your site.

How to Order

Contact us for a free quotation or site survey to identify programs or recommendations for your facility.

We offer scheduled maintenance programs and nationwide standardization service.