Custom Millwork Furniture

e-System Group offers custom millwork to create custom furniture for storage, workspace and filing solutions. Organize and integrate shared documentation and other media to match the system design and finishes of your console furniture. With in-house steel and laminate fabrication, we manufacture custom millwork furniture in our New York facility with the same quality and rapid delivery. Whether you require complimentary shelving, cabinets or highly customized pieces, we you can approach us as a total source for your center.


  • Wardrobe style cabinets, credenza and lockers.
  • Half-round resource units and rotating resource centers.
  • Fixed and mobile personal filing pedestals.
  • Bookcases and open filing units.
  • Shared workspace in the shape of peninsula, rounds and half-round surfaces.


Our custom millwork solution enables the manufacture of complimentary storage and furniture pieces, which can be selected with matching laminate or steel finishes depending on the type of furniture selected. Storage and worksurfaces are typically specified between shared operators or designed as freestanding units for collaborative work.


Endless add-on components or stand-alone pieces that are made-to-order and matched perfectly to your console furniture. We can outfit conference rooms, private offices, media labs or your entire center from standard configuration options to highly customized designs.

Custom Rack & Console Capabilities

If you are looking for custom rack or console design then e-Systems Group can help. With in-house product management, engineering, sheet metal fabrication, wood shop, powder coating system, and shipping departments, we can support your custom engineering requirements from slightly modified to highly customized rack enclosures, consoles and specialty products. All custom work occurs in our main facility located in Conklin, NY. Contact us for more details on your special requirements or full turnkey manufacturing services.


  • Training and education desks.
  • Shipboard approved desks for the U.S. Navy.
  • Aviation (ATC) consoles.
  • Kiosks.
  • Network and server rack enclosures.
  • Custom branding for racks and console lines.
  • Contract Manufacturing and Powder Coating Services.


Simply consult with us on your needs to modify our standard products or to design a concept for a customized solution. Our engineering team is SolidWorks certified in mechanical design.


We are able to quickly design unique rack sizes, thermal airflow components, cable access routing among many other popular modifications requested by our data center clients.


We routinely manage console projects with custom workstation sizes to meet open and closed room architecture, along with user-defined cable management, equipment and power integration solutions.

Structured Video Wall

e-Systems Group offers structured custom video wall display systems to support a fully integrated audio-visual environment with the results of a highly professional and attractive center. Each custom video wall system is specified to your screen sizes and array configuration with optional storage units to accommodate equipment and conventional materials. All custom video wall units are manufactured at our facility from our master craftsmen who hand-build each unit.


  • Houses individual monitor technologies (typically 42” and 55” displays).
  • Custom Video Wall systems are designed to fit your technology, room architecture and display configuration.
  • Complete power and cabling integration, along with fan ventilation options.
  • Protect your technology investment with secure mounting and storage.
  • Match your console and other technical furniture products with exact finishes and details.


To create your structured custom video wall system, simply provide us your monitor specifications and array preference, and we will provide you a concept and full color rendering of your video wall design. Select from a variety of decorative finishes to create the ultimate showroom look.


Structured video walls can be specified for a small number of displays to large-scale configurations. Most designs include credenza shelving for discrete storage of equipment and other support materials. Oversized video wall systems require special shipping and handling for site installation.