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Our Contour modular console system has been specifically designed as control room furniture for technology-intensive environments such as military operations and emergency management - anywhere a flexible furniture system is preferred. With its 6-inch frame construction, Contour is ideal for command environments that require space-efficient workstations or team workstations.


With limitless design options for open and closed room applications, Contour modular consoles provide exceptional strength, cable management solutions, and options for sit-stand adjustments for keyboard and desktop surfaces.


Contour modular consoles offer the most options for ‘office’ complements with choices including: tackable and acoustical fabric panels, modular white panels, overhead organizer compartments, and stackable wall designs up to 66” tall. Ideal for communication and open plan environments that require compatibility with your existing office furniture systems.

Technology Integration

6” base frame and stackable wall system provides ample structural strength for hi-density monitor and hardware integration yet space efficient to design like standard office furnishings.

Stackable slatwall design permits single, double and triple tiers of flat panels and defines workstation interaction and privacy.

Contour offers multiple ways to integrate CPU hardware: space-efficient swing caddy, storage modules with roll-out shelves and high-density lockers for shared equipment that integrates directly within the workstation footprint.

Contour workstations can be specified with rack-mount modules to store 19” equipment and communications gear common to dispatch, call-taking and other emergency response environments.

Work-in-process accessories easily attach to the slatwall to manage binder storage, documentation and other common office needs.

Features & Design

The modular 6” Contour frame and wall construction allows users to design console workstations to meet a variety of technical applications, space plans, and personal needs of individual users.

Height Adjustability

The Contour Modular Console System has height adjustability options including motorized sit-to-stand travel for primary worksurfaces and keyboard surfaces to meet prevailing ergonomic standards and the ultimate comfort of operators.

Workstation Options

Contour consoles can be designed in single rows, back-to-back, 3-position and ‘quad’ configurations as space-efficient and collaborative technical workstations. Contour modular consoles fit any open and close room layout.