• Expansive Internal Storage
    Accommodates multiple processors as well as extensive cabling and power supplies Learn More
  • Ideal for Two-Tier Mounting
    Open desktop configuration can be single- or double- sided Learn More
  • Technical Integration
    Single rows, angling, and full 90-degree turns to meet any space plan Learn More

iTrac security workstation furniture has been designed with control and security users and integrators in mind. Its heavy-duty 12” frame is constructed to manage the rigors of industrial process control and 24/7 security environments. This frame structure permits extensive internal space to store multiple processors, cabling and power supplies to fit within the footprint of the frame itself thereby maximizing usable space for operators and technicians.


Ideal for open desktop configurations and up to two tiers of monitor mounting, iTrac is our ‘workhorse’ line. iTrac security workstation furniture can be designed as single and double-sided configurations, along with a range of angled and full corner layout options to fit any control room and security suite.

Technology Integration

iTrac security workstations have a 12-inch modular Base Frame available in 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” linear frames and multiple connector and corner configurations.

Base Frame provides exceptional storage space to accept computer hardware, cabling, and power.

Modular 16” Tech Cube (stackable frame) attaches to the Base Frame to accept a variety of mounting interfaces (slatwall, rack-mount, custom panels).

Modular and Tight-Joint worksurface with postform edge treatment or our Comfort Edge as upgrades.

Features & Design

The modular 12” iTrac frame allows users to design security workstations to meet of space plans and technical integration of hardware and special equipment.

Workstation Options

iTrac security workstation furniture can be designed in single rows, angles and full 90-degree turns to fit any open and closed room design.