PEPPM approved vendor

Contract Details

Who Can Purchase:            Any State or Local Agency

Freight Terms:                     F.O.B. Destination

Order Detail:                        Period: 2017


With hundreds of companies under contract, and hundreds more competing for PEPPM contracts, businesses large and small have come to enjoy PEPPM as the preferred vehicle for responding to school districts with bid-protected pricing. Why? PEPPM provides more services to schools and vendors than any other cooperative purchasing program. PEPPM does not start its work with the bid, and it does not stop its work with the award of bids. We do more on all sides of the bid, striving to make PEPPM a valuable tool for vendors who participate in the program. Here are some of the reasons why vendors are eager to get in the door and use PEPPM contracts for their sales to education, government and non-profit agencies.


For those of you who are new to the PEPPM Program, this bid is the result of a nationally affiliated group of Agencies, coordinated by the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, a.k.a. “CSIU”, which seeks and awards bids on technology equipment, software and supplies on behalf of schools, agencies and libraries.


This program called PEPPM (pronounced PEPum), is a national technology bidding and purchasing program for schools, agencies and libraries. The educational agencies soliciting the bids for their respective jurisdiction have individually awarded bids in their respective states, based on their own applicable statutes. However, the Agencies come together nationally for the purpose of aggregating their demand for product and their buying power. In so doing, they have coordinated the bidding process with each other, and have centrally evaluated the bid responses.


After awards, they coordinate on publicizing the contracts to school districts and other eligible agencies. We have created this PEPPM Buyer’s Guide to assist you in making the most of the PEPPM Program opportunity. If you have been part of the program in previous years, this Guide will highlight some program improvements and changes. If you are just learning about PEPPM, this Guide will provide detailed instructions and information to familiarize you with the PEPPM Program.


PEPPM publicly posts up-to-date line item price information for all awarded product lines as www.peppm.org. Prices are also accessible to Epylon eCommerce users. PEPPM gives eligible buyers the unparalled ability to compare product lines across the same terms and conditions.