Contract Manufacturing

e-Systems Groups offers a wide variety of contract manufacturing options:


• In-house engineering services

• Rapid prototyping

• Sheet metal fabrication

• Welding

• Powder coating

• Electro-mechanical assembly

• Packaging and shipping

• Laminating

• Assembly


For decades, our contract manufacturing pledge is to complete every single project to 100% customer satisfaction, on time, at the highest quality tier, and at the best value possible.


Rapid Protoyping

e-Systems Group can provide you with rapid turnaround (2 days to 2 weeks) of prototypes or first-article products. Working through your design process, we can build or modify parts using our machines, in-house engineering and skilled operators.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our 48,000 Sq. Ft facility, located in Conklin, NY is comprised of highly skilled craftsmen and modern equipment, and both consistently produce the highest quality parts and assemblies. We work to exacting tolerances with a variety of materials including stainless, cold-rolled, tool, and alloy steels and aluminum from 20 gauge to 1/4” thick.

Our high-tech sheet metal fabrication tool set consists of CNC Amada Apelio Laser Turrets, Wiedemann CNC Punches, CNC Amada Brake Presses and Cincinnati Shears. This equipment features quick change tooling and automated processing, providing flexibility, increased output, efficiency and quality. Providing you with competitive pricing for quality product delivered on time.


We offer a full line of MIG and high frequency TIG welding for precision applications as well as single and multi-head spot welding capability. We can work with a variety of material types and thicknesses, including conductive and coated materials.


Our large capacity powder coat system is an environmentally friendly paint application. Parts and components are cleaned utilizing a three-stage phosphate process for improved adhesion and even coating. We can recommend powder coatings to fit your requirements for high-quality applications with a wide range of industry matches to select.

Electromechanical Assembly

We offer complete product level assembly including testing and calibration, We can support your requirements, large or small, with quality workmanship and quick turn-around times.

Packaging & Shipping

Custom design packaging methods and materials are available to meet your delivery and logistical requirements for parts or finished product. LTL packaging, crating, product staging and international logistical are offered to deliver product to your distributor, reseller, supplier or end-user domestically or anywhere in the world.

Laminating & Woodworking

e-Systems Group can manufacture laminate products such as:

• fixtures

• displays

• commercial furniture

• cabinets

• countertops millwork

CNC routers, flat and contoured edge banders, and automatic post formers provide a range of material and design solutions for your products. We use industry recognized suppliers for decorative laminate overlays and edging materials.