Console Detailed Cleaning

  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Wire Management
  • Console Furniture Relocation

e-Systems Group will offers  detailed console furniture cleaning services and other maintenance for office environments, including the removal of dust, debris, food, dust mites, and allergens found in keyboards, fans, and other equipment and furniture.


The cleaning and disinfecting process will improve computer function, console operation, employee health, and the overall look and feel of the office as well as decrease operating budget and need for asset replacement.   In addition to cleaning that moves beyond traditional janitorial services, e-Systems Group will also provide small to moderate on-site repairs, wire and cable management, furniture relocation/movement, floor cleaning, and steam cleaning of fabric services.


Their detailed cleaning and maintenance procedure is recommended at intervals ranging from every six months to once a year. All work is completed on site with minimal interruption and noise while maintaining all security requirements.


Studies have shown that around 75% of storage and hardware failures are caused by environmental factors which ultimately results in lost revenue. Utilizing an experienced, highly technical team to maintain a clean and efficient facility is an often overlooked but crucial piece of the maintenance puzzle.


Dirt, dust, carbon, construction debris, calcium carbonate, metallic, paper dust, synthetic fibers, human and non-human organic fibers and other often un-seen sources of contamination are leading causes of internal corrosion and equipment malfunction in today’s computer systems. These contaminates can be corrosive, flammable, abrasive or hydroscopic (absorb moisture). If these contaminants are allowed to accumulate, they can contribute to several problems, including heat transfer, corrosion, and wear and failure of electrical contacts.


In the case of tape drives, every time motion occurs, some of the media surface comes off on the heads. Over time, this builds up and causes errors in reading and writing.