CFD Analysis

What can a Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD  Analysis Study accomplish for your facility?


Our CFD analysis programs can help identify and illustrate specific data center events:


CRAC unit failure scenarios: If one CRAC unit went down for 20 minutes, 45 minutes, etc., how long would it take for the temperature in your room and/or your equipment racks to reach critical levels? What about two or more CRAC units? A CFD analysis can provide you with an indication to the potential risk this would cause to your data center.


Thermal Load vs. Cooling Capacity for Equipment Installation / De-installation: How many more equipment racks can you install before you reach or exceed the current cooling capacity? If you remove equipment racks can you up the temperature setting on your CRAC units or cycle one out of operation? A CFD analysis can help answer these questions.


CRAC/CRAH unit performance: Are the CRAC units operating at peak level? Are you losing cooling, humidity, and/or airflow due to poor performance by a CRAC unit, or units?


Hot Spot / Cold Spot Analysis: Answers to what is causing those hot spots and/or cold spots. A CFD analysis can provide solutions to minimize or eliminate problem areas.

Features & Design

Our comprehensive Computerized Fluid Dynamics (CFD analysis) program models the airflow, temperature, static pressure and energy consumption of racks and related cooling equipment to identify air flow characteristics of your data center.


Lower data center operational costs by using CFD analysis to identify excess cooling capacity.

Identify how to increase your computing capacity without supplemental CRAC units.

Predict the maximum IT capacity for a given center design with 100% confidence.

Optimize the placement of equipment by performing virtual models.

How to Order

Contact us to schedule a formal CFD analysis.

CFD analysis studies are highly recommended for liquid cooling and containment projects.