A $9,000 per Minute Investment: Data Center Downtime


In 2016, the cost of data center downtime was approximately $9,000 per minute.


The majority of data center downtime was caused by poor power management, from human error to inadequate equipment. As a result of downtime, the entire data center operation’s service and delivery, and possibly its profitability, are impacted.


How can this be prevented?

e-Systems Group has prepared a four-step checklist:


1. Create a backup plan

• Delineate not only internal infrastructure but also major vulnerabilities that require monitoring


2. Review power distribution

• Ensure all critical machines have access to backup power


3. Measure and record

• Observe energy usage patterns that can be valuable indicators of problems before they happen


4. Invest in tech

• Employ smart cabinets, asset tracking software, and other intelligent equipment, like PDUs, to notify operators and provide “actionable insight”


Make a Smaller Investment with e-Systems Group

Through e-Systems breadth of infrastructure products and services, it partners with its customers to assist in enabling them to deliver on their service requirements with zero downtime.

Beyond offering advanced customized enclosures designed for cabling, thermal and economic efficiency, ESG constructs and installs containment solutions, provides consultative sales support on power configurations and other accessories required in the data center and beyond. Additionally, ESG can conduct a review using sophisticated CFD analysis software to point out hotspots and potential problem areas.

To invest in power supplies, asset tracking, smart cabinetry and more, send us a message.


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